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Our Services

Our team of passionate software developers create bespoke software products for Establish Businesses and Start-ups. We can help you tackle any technology challenge. Tell us about your cutting-edge idea and we will create a technology product for you that will suit your requirements perfectly. We're not just programming. We support your project with our experience and creativity. We share our insights and accompany you throughout the entire process of creating your product.

Software Development

We create web services and applications, intuitive and functional desktop systems and mobile applications for companies at a different stage of growth. Our developers with passion create new products that conquer the market.

Hire Developers

Are you going to scale your service quickly, but you lack hands to work? You can expand your development team. You don't have to hire them permanently. We can support your project as a whole team or provide you with one of our software developers most suited to your project.

Product Development

Would you like to develop your existing product? Do you need an IT specialist, who will take care of your application and develop new functionalities? We can help you.


If you're looking for someone who will guide your team through the entire project or at a specific stage - you've come to the right place. CEO of Blue Azurit - Rafał Misiak enjoys sharing knowledge and experience with software developers.


Did your developers team face so huge obstacle during product creation or development that it seems impossible to overcome? Or maybe you would like to check if your team is working efficiently? Consult our expert who will help you find a solution to problems and evaluate efficiency of your IT team.


Are you sure that your existing operational software or web application is working properly? If not, you've found the right IT expert to help. We will evaluate performance, security, code quality, optimization options and much more.

Our team

We're people with a passion for programming. Eager for new challenges. We love to solve problems. We support each other in every project so that our client can get an IT service that will strengthen his business.

Rafał Misiak

CEO / Software Architect / DevOps

Quality guardian of the created software. An experienced team leader, mentor and IT consultant. Programmer since childhood. He will plan IT support for your business.

Marcin Kwiatkowski

Full-Stack Developer

An engineer with a wide range of interests. Believes that programming languages are just tools to achieve business goals. Specializes in migrating legacy applications in stages.

Kamil Balda

Front-End Developer

Curious about new technologies. In every day live he is very persistent in pushing his goal. Puts emphasis on optimization, performance na UX. Fan of road cycling and active leisure.

Michał Bachryj

Project Manager

10 years experience in project management, analysis and designing IT solutions. Scrum Product Owner and Project Manager specializing in ecommerce, logistics systems and mobile app projects.

Hubert Pieśniak

Software Developer

Passionate about functional programming, experienced in working with microservices and legacy code

Maciej Dzieciuch

Junior Java Developer

Always striving to solve problems. Each step further in my daily struggle gives me motivation to deepen my knowledge in new technologies.

Kamila Formela

Junior Java Developer

Motivated and greedy for challenges, novice programmer. In Java, she found something that drives the daily work life.

Tomasz Kempiński

Junior Java Developer

Enthusiastic team player and deep creative thinker. Always ready to take on new challenging tasks.

How we work

We work in the Agile methodology. At the very beginning of our cooperation, we always conduct talks with the client, which are aimed at the best understanding of client's requirements. Once we know perfectly what client's idea is about, we create the architecture and specification of the application. Then, together with the client, we consult and thoroughly analyze the solution we proposed. After consulting the customer, we update the specification and architecture with his requirements. Only then do we go to manufacturing when the customer has not the slightest comments. We are constantly testing the created software and implementing it in stages. We are in constant contact with our client and we react quickly to his new requirements.
When the product is ready, we also take care of it, optimize it and develop it.
You can be sure that none of our programmers will leave you without help when you have a problem. We like to solve problems, and solving them brings us great satisfaction.

Some of technologies we use

In the software development process we use the state-of-the-art technologies and only tried and tested solutions. We always make sure that they are best suited to the specifics of the project. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the final product will meet the highest quality standards.
The core technology that we use in our work is Java - a language with wide application possibilities, independent of the system platform, guaranteeing the security of the systems created in it.
It is Java that builds the most popular websites such as Amazon, YouTube, Twitter, eBay and LinkedIn.