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Rafał Misiak, your expert IT mentor

Rafał, CEO of Blue Azurit, has been passionately programming, leading IT teams of all sizes, and teaching for over 11 years. It is he who conducts mentoring sessions and consultations for IT teams, which are aimed at one of the most important - supporting the team in project challenges and improving the quality of its work.

When Rafał started his careers working as PHP Developer for Internet media leader in Poland - wp.pl, he did not expect that there will come a time when he will be Java expert developer. He also did not suspect that programming would become his passion. Currently, he successfully pass on this great passion to beginner developers by running programming workshops for them.

The experience he gained over 11 years shaped him as an IT specialist and mentor. He worked as Full-Stack Developer, Team Leader, Scrum Master, Product Owner. He created large e-commerce platforms and one of the fastest-growing Master Data Management systems. He spent the last years working as Lead Java Developer, DevOps and mentor for IT teams and Start-ups.

Rafał loves to share knowledge and experience. The IT teams, after mentoring sessions appreciate his commitment, the atmosphere he creates and the valuable tips he shares with them.

Who is mentoring for

You can have a lot of reasons why you are looking for a mentor for your IT team.

Regardless of whether the project is just starting or is already underway, but it has come to a standstill - the IT team may need a guide.

One-time consultation with audit

Sometimes consultation is necessary because your product requires an unconventional solution, but at the same time safe and proven. After identifying your business needs, an experienced consultant will propose a solution suitable for you.

If you need a reliable assessment of your product, an ideal solution is to conduct an audit. During an expert audit, we carry out risk, performance and security assessments. We also check the quality of the code, optimization options and scalability of your application.

Audit also includes an assessment of the effectiveness of your IT team's work. Sometimes it is on this side that there is a problem with the development of your product.

Audit in conjunction with consultation is the perfect package for the development of your project.

What you get

Confidence that the IT team works efficiently

Support for your IT team in solving problems

Implementation on time

An agile IT team

The final product exactly as you expected

See how mentoring can support your project

Take advantage of the knowledge of an experienced IT specialist