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Development and maintenance of your product

Do you already have a product you want to develop? We will take care of it after implementation. If any fault occurs, we will quickly take the appropriate steps to fix it.
We will also deal with the ongoing implementation of new functionalities.

You define the scope of our services, depending on your needs. For the maintenance service, you only pay for the hours we spent to repairing the fault or other necessary work.

Blue Azurit - comprehensive care for your product

Maintenance & Modernization

Your system needs constant care so that its users can take full advantage of its functionality.

As your business grows, your product should also grow. We will help you develop your product throughout its entire life cycle, even if we didn't build it.

Constant Guidance

You can be sure that we will share with you all our insights and provide you with a number of tips, sharing expert knowledge with you. Thanks to this, you will make the right business decisions every time.


We breathe new life into your product, repairing its defects. If we've built your software, we're committed to ongoing bug fixes. If you are not our customer since the beginning of the product, but you need our support, we will help you restore your project to the right track.

IT team
for special tasks

In the life cycle of each product there are many challenges related to its development and maintenance.
We like such challenges and we gladly take them.
Even if we haven't built your product, we will take care of it and provide you with full support.

Here are some most common situations when we can help you

  • Existing software does not meet its purpose
  • Your software was created in the wrong programming language
  • Your programmer resigned during the project
  • You broke off cooperation with a previous developer due to poor quality software or project slippage

These are just examples. We will also help you in many other cases.

DevOps Services
The balance between product development and maintenance

We work according to the DevOps methodology.
The creation, testing and implementation of software is faster and more often, and at the same time more reliable.
How do we implement the DevOps methodology assumptions?

Mainly through close cooperation between maintenance specialists and programmers responsible for software development.
It also happens that DevOps developer who created and implemented the product then takes care of it.
As our client, you receive a comprehensive service of the highest quality, thanks to which your business is growing.

Do you need care for your product?

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